The 31 Holy Items

These are the 31 Holy Items from Elvis' fixed, absolute and unchangeable shopping list.
The following things were "to be kept in the kitchen and house for Elvis AT ALL TIMES EVERY DAY."

Pictured: Rev. Farndu and Dr Edwards

    I. Unfrozen ground round meat


Hamburger buns
III. Mustard
IV. Ingredients for meat loaf and sauce
V. Bacon
VI. Wieners
VII. Cans of sauerkraut
VIII. Pickles
IX. Potatoes and onions
X. Brown 'n' Serve hot rolls
XI. Six cans of biscuits
XII. Peanut Butter
XIII. Assorted fresh fruits
XIV. One case regular Pepsi
XV. One case orange drinks
XVI. Three bottles of milk & half-and-half cream
XVII. Freshly squeezed, cold orange juice
XVIII. Banana pudding (made fresh each night)
XIX. Brownies (made fresh each night)
XX. Vanilla and chocolate ice cream
XXI. Shredded coconut
XXII. Fudge cookies
XXIII. Cigarettes
XXIV. El Producto Cigars
XXV. Matches
XXVI. Spearmint, Doublemint & Juicy Fruit gum
XXVII. Dristan
XXVIII. Contac
XXIX. Sucrets
XXX. Super Anahist nasal spray
XXXI. Feenamint laxative gum

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